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  Extra 330L 33% ARF
  Product: Extra 330L 33% ARF
  Category: Airplanes
  Model Number: AW80-107-01
  Construction: Vacuum Molded, Fiberglass / Carbon Fiber / Balsa
  Wing Span: 105 in. (2667mm)
  Fuse Length: 96 in. (2438mm)
  Wing Area: 2048 sq. in. (1.33 sq. m.)
  Approx. Weight: 27 lbs. (12.3 kg) +/-
  Engine: 100 cc. Gasoline
  SALE: $899.00
  Oversized: Yes


MSRP: $1,190.00 SPECIAL: $899.00

That's a whopping big saving! Offer is good while supply lasts.
So act quick and act now. Quantity is limited!.

Extra, probably the best loved, most popular scale aerobatics airplane in the model aviation history. AirWild, is proud to introduce our token effort in perpetuating this legendary aircraft in the form of an all-composite 33%-scale Extra 330L.

AirWild Extra 330L is a 2-place, low-wing design with counter-balance feature for both elevators and rudder. Another special feature of our design is a slightly exaggerated rudder for a more powerful yaw control.

Built on vacuum molding technology and modern composite material AirWild Extra 330L offers astonishing structural strength with very light overall weight. The entire airframe is made from epoxy laminated composite material consisting of sandwiched fiber glass, balsa and fiber glass, with carbon fiber laid in for strategic structural reinforcement.
  • Vacuum Molding Technology
  • Built-Up Structure
  • CFB (Carbon, Balsa, Fiberglass) Laminated COMPOSITE Skin
  • PAINTED-In-The-Mold Color Finish
  • Plug-In Wing & Stabilizer
  • Gapless Wing Skin Hinging on Aileron
  • Detachable Rudder & Elevators
  • Provision For External Installation of Canister Muffler
  • 3D & Unlimited PRECISION Aerobatics
Offered as an Almost-Ready-To-Fly, AirWild Extra 330L comes highly prefabricated to literally a 99.9% completion. The basic airplane kit comes complete with wing tube, stab tube, landing gear and necessary rudder and elevator hinges. Hinge rudder and elevators, glue the clear canopy in place and you are ready for radio and engine installation. That easy & that simple!

Extra 330L 33% Demo Video
Click image to start!
Extra 330L 33% Assembly Manual, Revision 2
Size: 2.8 MB, Updated on 11/04/2005

Option: Recommended Hardware Package
Our hardware package includes nearly everything necessary to complete assembling your new airplane. Nothing but top-quality, name-brand items are selected.

Being that all of our AirWild-compoXite-series airplanes are designed to accept either the very popular"Rocket City" type Super Horn hardware, or AirWild's own "light weight" EFP (Epoxy Fiberglass Panel) horns, you, the user, can purchase the package for either installation option. Simply specify Option A for our light weight EFP horns, or Option B for the easy-to-install Rocket City-type Super Horn at the time of ordering.

To examine package detail, simply click on your package of choice below to display complete parts list.

Hardware Package Option A w/ EFP Horns: MSRP: $179.00
AW80-203-01AJ Hardware Package A w/ EFP Horns, MLP Servo Arms for JR
AW80-203-01AF Hardware Package A w/ EFP Horns, MLP Servo Arms for Futaba
AW80-203-01AH Hardware Package A w/ EFP Horns, MLP Servo Arms for Hitec

Hardware Package Option B w/ Rocket Citye type Super Horns: MSRP: $179.00
AW80-203-01BJ Hardware Package B w/ Super Horns, MLP Servo Arms for JR
AW80-203-01BF Hardware Package B w/ Super Horns, MLP Servo Arms for Futaba
AW80-203-01BH Hardware Package B w/ Super Horns, MLP Servo Arms for Hitec

For your convenience we have also compiled a list of additional items that you may need to complete the airplane assembly. Once again this list is provided ONLY as a reference as individual setup may vary. Please use with discretion. To examine the list, simply click on the list link, 33% Extra 330L Additional items. Contact us to purchase these additional items or any other related products as we do offer a complete line of giant-scale accessories.

No time to build?

Want an expert-built turnkey plane?

AirWild MASTER CRAFT SOLUTION just might be the choice for you. This is a build-to-specifications, ready-to-fly service for our entire line of fine ARF planes. Based upon your specific needs and budget we can produce an expert-built turnkey airplane backed by our expertise and uncompromised quality standard. Simply click on the MASTER CRAFT SOLUTION icon below to learn more about this acclaimed service!

Please contact AirWild Hobbies directly to place your order.

*Due to its over-size box this airplane will be delivered as truck-freight. Shipping cost will be quoted separately prior to delivery.

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